Employment Ideas for Politics Graduates

I was asked for some ideas for a list of organisations that might be a source of employment or experience for those graduating from our various Politics degree programmes. See below for my work in progress list. We do not currently have good data on where our graduates have gone on to, but those organisations marked with an * are places where I know one of our students has worked.

N.b. I am not endorsing these organisations as good places to work or suggesting that they will consider hiring you. They simply seem like they might be of interest, based on my (sometimes very limited) knowledge of them. Suggestions welcome.

N.b. also that the list is deliberately made up of those organisations that seem most substantively relevant for Politics graduates. Plenty of people will go on to work in areas quite different from this.


Polling, Survey, and Policy Research

Public Policy Analysis and Think Tanks

Public Affairs

Policy Job Aggregators

PhD Programmes with (some) funding

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