Topics in Political Science (aka The Politics of Inequality)

This is a Senior Sophister (4th-year undergraduate) module. The first half is focused on “The Politics of Inequality” and is taught by me. The second half is focused on “Challenges to Representative Democracy” and is taught by Tom Louwerse.

The outline and reading list for the first half of the module (on inequality) is at inequalitymichaelmas_20131001b.pdf.

In previous years, this first-half module has run as PO4730 (rather than PO4740). As there is content on this web site referring to that old code, I will retain it here to provide easier access to that material. Thus, module updates can be found by following the PO4730 tag.

Your seminar class will meet once per week, but there will be two separate groups, as below:

Group 1

Tuesdays 3-4pm – 3126, Arts
Students: RB, FE, EF, JL, MM, FM, MNM, AN, BON

Group 2

Tuesdays 6-7pm – 2.03, Aras an Phiarsaigh
Students: CC, DG, GH, FOH, ER, OS, ES, TW

Response Paper Assignments

1.4 Attitudes Towards Income Inequality

Group 1: EF, FM
Group 2: DG, FOH

1.5 Does Public Opinion Influence (Welfare State) Policy?

Group 1: JL, MM
Group 2: CC, ER

1.6 Explaining Post-Redistribution Inequality

Group 1: FE, MNM, AN
Group 2: GH, TW

2.1 The Welfare State as Insurance

Group 1: RB, FE, EF
Group 2: ES, FOH

2.2 Political Engagement and Information

Group 1: MM, BON
Group 2: OS, GH

2.3 Media Manipulation?

Group 1: FM, MNM
Group 2: ER, TW

2.4 Unequal Income Representation

Group 1: RB, AN
Group 2: DG, OS

2.5 ‘Winner-Take-All Politics’?

Group 1: JL, BON
Group 2: CC, ES