Parties and Public Policy: (P08014)

Does It Matter Which Party Gets Elected?

The current module outline and reading list is at partisanship_20130918b.pdf.

Response paper assignments are as follows:

Topic Response Papers From
1.1 The Partisanship Hypothesis MS
1.2 Sources of Partisanship: The Party Base GM, MC
1.3 Sources of Partisanship: Information AC, GM, SR, AH
1.4 Sources of Partisanship: Economic Voting CS, PH, DM, ST
2.1 Size of Government CS, PH, MS, AH, MC
2.2 Welfare Expenditure AC, PH, DM, ST, TMD
2.3 Education AC, SR, DM, AH, TMD
2.4 Health SR, ST, TMD, CS
3.1 Parties or Public Opinion? CS, MC, MS, AH, ST
3.2 Information and Manipulation of Public Opinion AC, GM, SR, MS, DM, MC
3.3 Inference From Close Elections GM, PH, ST, TMD